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Page history last edited by Ray Nilsson 1 year, 8 months ago

The Advertising Playing Cards of The World!

An Unofficial Reference for Collectors of relatively modern Advertising Playing Cards. Welcome to my WIKI - I am Ray Nilsson from Melbourne, Australia. I am a member of the MPCC, APCCS and IPCSIf you wish to contact me, my email address is raynilsson@gmail.com or  phone +61 4 3144 4727 ( GMT+9/10) 

I have been a collector of Playing Cards for a relatively short time (only 30 odd years) and my main interests are cards made in Australia and New Zealand, but I also love the ADVERTISING cards, especially when the advertiser is printed on a standard card.  These include cards made in the USA by Brown and Bigelow and USPCC.

I am using this wiki as a record of the cards in my collection, but you are welcome to use it for the same reason as long as you indicate your cards uniquely.........


2021 NOTES: 

1. I have finally sorted out my Brown & Bigelow pattern cards and intend to document them here.  I love a challenge......THE-PATTERNS 

2. I've also created a special collectors page for WHITE CORNER playing cards called "playingcardswithwhitecorners.pbworks.com"

3. And another for CORNER LINES called "playingcardswithcornerlines.pbworks.com".

4. Using a 2017 backup of the data in an old wiki from wikispaces I have loaded the advertisers for the BUTCH CARDS


Thanks and ENJOY..... Ray Nilsson



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