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Brown and Bigelow

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Brown & Bigelow Playing Cards





An Unofficial Reference for Collectors


Over the years, I have written to Brown & Bigelow in St Paul in the USA, regarding the varying type of playing cards issued from the 1930's through to the 1960's.


I have received only one reply in 1999 which stated they were undermanned regarding history and instead of answering only a few queries, the company policy was to answer none. (Classic example of GREAT Customer Service)


In lieu of this failure to get information, I decided to create a list for my own use.


Initially I decided that BUTCH would be a good starting point. From my original list of 10 cards with 20 advertisers, I now have available a list of the 34 different cards and over 700 advertisers.


Enjoy. Ray



Butch by Staehle - Cocker Spaniel Pup by Albert Staehle.

THE-PATTERNS - Better Quality Card Scans of Patterns.

Animals Birds and Fish by Sweney.

FLOWERS - Flowers and Flower Arrangements.

ELVGREN - Pinups by Gil Elvgren.

OTHERS - Horses, Dogs, Scenes etc.



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