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Books that have been handy, so far.....


ADVERTISING PLAYING CARDS An Identification and Value Guide by Everett Grist. Published by COLLECTOR BOOKS in 1992 - ISBN 0-89145-486-1. Disclaimer states values are not to be taken seriously with 200 odd pages of pics and 9 cards per page - What a reference !



THE HOCHMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PLAYING CARDS by Tom and Judy Dawson. Printed by US Games Systems in 2000 - ISBN 1-57281-297-4 Hardcover; ISBN 1-57281-299-0 Softcover. Originally published in 6 separate volumes from 1976 to 1981 by Gene Hochman, this new edition consolidates and updates the previous works into a single 324 page book, with over 1500 listings and 2500+ pictures, including a color section. Covers USA and Canadian makers from the 1700's through to predominantly WW2, this is an invaluable reference, with many listings showing spade aces and jokers. Chapters cover standard issues, advertising, transformation decks, war, entertainment, expo's, railroad and scenic souvenirs, oddities and more.....RRP is $45 US for the softcover edition


AMERICAN PLAYING CARDS SUPPLEMENT and PRICE GUIDE by Tom and Judy Dawson. Second Edition by US Games Systems 2004 ISBN 1-57281-310-5 Softcover only. This 54 page supplement adds to or corrects over 100 items in the Encyclopedia, and the price guide covers all the 2600 listings therein. As with all price guides, a pinch of salt is needed, as regular ebayers and the like would understand.....priced at $25 US.



THE GREAT BOOK OF RAILROAD PLAYING CARDS by Phil Bollhagen (no ISBN or date). Printed by Pressworks Printing Co. Greenfield Wisconsin USA. This new printing with a fourth edition of the price guide covers and dates railroad line issues from around the world, and many special aces and jokers are illustrated over the 154 pages. Values are given on a V1 to V7 scale, with some decks now fetching over $1000....


THE STANDARD ENGLISH PATTERN by Ken Lodge ISBN 0 9517165 0 6. A 124 page updated 2003 reprint of his original 1991 work, covering English card makers from the 1600's to the present, dealing mainly with the designs of court cards and spade aces. A second section describes various court cards from makers outside the UK, most illustrated by 3 examples. A useful book, though not much help to a joker collector....


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